Replacement & Repair Request Confirmation

Your request has been sent successfully.

We are so sorry that you have received a problematic diffuser. Don’t worry though as all Karma diffusers, with their complete original packaging and no water damage is eligible for a 30 day (from the date of purchase) warranty. 

You can send the diffuser back to us. Please see the complete details below.


1. Put a note inside the original packaging box, with your name and order number. This will ensure that our staff will be able to easily identify the order and the diffuser’s issue. 

2. Pack the diffuser (in its original packaging) inside a packaging box, just like how you have received it.  You can recycle any boxes to serve as a protective outer packaging box to make sure that the diffuser will not be damaged while in transit. KARMA will not issue a replacement for returned diffusers that have been damaged while in transit.

3. Declare the diffuser’s actual value when filling out the courier’s form. This is so in case the diffuser will be damaged or lost in transit, you can then file a claim for the courier to refund you of the declared value. KARMA will not issue a replacement for diffusers that have been damaged or lost while in transit.

4. If proved that there are no defects, shipping fees will not be refunded and the customer will have to shoulder the shipping fee to return the diffuser back to them.

Return Address

     KARMA Replacement and Repairs c/o Toni Reyes
     3rd Floor, 536 Calabash Rd., Balic- Balic Sampaloc Manila, 1008

Please allow from 5 to 7 business days, from the date that we have received the returned diffuser, for us to be able to diagnose and provide a resolution. Once the resolution is ready, we will send you an update through email.