Itsy Diffuser Care Instructions

1. Wipe the new diffuser with a clean towel upon opening.
2. Itsy can be connected to a USB port or a 5V adapter.
3. Open the cover and add tap water to the tank ensuring that the tank is only 3/4 full. The diffuser will not function properly if there is too much water in the tank.  
4. Add 5-10 drops of KARMA Essential Oil depending on the size of the room.
5. Replace the tank cover with the air outlet facing the back.
6. Replace the diffuser’s transparent cover. Do not shake or tilt the diffuser to avoid water damage.
7. Plug the USB cable to a computer or a power outlet. The light should flash once which should indicate that the diffuser is on standby.
8. Press the button once: continuous + colorful changing light. Press the button twice: intermittent, 10 seconds interval + colorful changing lights. Press the button thrice: continuous + no light (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Press the button the fourth time to turn the diffuser off.
9. Drain the water and wipe any excess moisture after every use. Use a cotton swab to clean the hard to reach areas.

The Itsy diffuser has to be cleaned after every use to remove all the dust that might clog the suction and air inlet which causes the air drawn to be greatly reduced, resulting to insufficient power and mist.