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We'd like to give you this gift so we can help spread the happy chemicals! You for sure will love how it feels and hopefully, you'll help us maintain the momentum by sharing with your friends and family! 

May this bracelet remind you to choose to be nice and kind not only to your friends but also to strangers. 

Help us build a community by using the hashtag #KAHRMUHFRIENDS and #KAHRMUHCLUB and help us reach as many people as possible to share our intentions with. 

There is a lot of ugly things happening in this world and as a brand, we think of how we can help make things better and we believe that we can make it happen!

- Durable

- 100% Waterproof! 

- Colorful Strings

- Natural Stones

- One size fits all - from kids to adults!
Adjustable from 2 - 3.5 inches in diameter