8mm Aquamarine and Rose Quartz


Protective, Communication, Calming

AQUAMARINE is known as the "Stone of Courage." it helps to create alignment in the chakra energies, enhancing one's insight into the practice of actualizing inner perfection to the universal's perfection.  It balances and fortifies the immune system, excellent for the eyes and memory.

Rose Quartz

All Types of Love, Compassion, Self Esteem

ROSE QUARTZ is the "Stone of Power and Influence” and attracts the true essence of love. It is the most important crystal of the heart. It purifies and brings deep inner healing, inner personal strength, self love, self trust and self worth. Emotionally, it comforts grief, soothes pain and it is considered one of the finest  healing stones. It harmonizes the heart to the soul, providing pathways of communication to the higher self.

** Natural Gemstones may vary in color, some comes darker, more vibrant and sometimes, some are pale in color.   

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